False Start

Passport office selfie

Often travel involves unexpected detours… the plan was to be in a plane somewhere over China at this moment. Instead I am in my living room, drinking Starbucks. Detours.

We arrived at the airport, walked up to the desk to check in and handed over our passports. After a few minutes, the lady at the counter disappeared with Katie’s passport and we started to get nervous.

Katie’s passport expires in November, which should be more than enough time for our return trip. But Nepal requires that a passport have 6 months of validity. So the airline turned us away and would not let us board our flight.

We are not so easily discourage however. We were able to get an emergency appointment with the US Passport Agency today. If we can get Katie’s passport renewed immediately we will be on a flight tonight or tomorrow. After paying some pretty high airline fees.

If not, we will get on a flight and go somewhere else. Lesson learned: passport expiration dates don’t really mean anything…

Yay Adventure!

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