Passport Office Victory!

Passport Success

Success! A freshly minted, hot off the presses passport for Katie. About a 5 hour turn around time for a new passport, which is actually pretty amazing.

I was surprised at how smoothly the process went. I had horrible visions of hours of waiting, grouchy people, and then being told we had to wait 3 weeks for the passport. We arrived for our appointment 30 minutes early and waited about 30 minutes to be called to a window. PSA my friends, it pays to be prepared and have a good attitude. Our passport agent, Roland, reviewed our docs, joked with us and smiled as we told him our story. Then came the moment of truth, “Roland, can we get a new passport today?” He responded with a mischievous smile and said “I hope so!” And then handed us a slip of paper saying the passport was being printed and we could pick it up in 2 hours.

While waiting, we spoke with a few other stranded travelers who were having the same passport issues. Apparently the 6th month rule is fairly new and has caught others by surprise. The little band of passport problem children was very positive and optimistic. Overall we were fortunate to resolve this problem as quickly and pleasantly as we did.

Our journey to Nepal took a brief pause but will resume tomorrow.

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