Themal Square

Themal Square at Dusk

The main tourist marketplace for this area, Themal Square. Conveniently located a few blocks from our hostel.

It’s narrow streets are packed with cars, motor bikes, and people all pushing their way to whatever destination calls them. There are no traffic signals, no pedestrian walkways, no sense of order. The law of the land for safe navigation is be alert, be careful, and get out of the way!

I was fascinated with the architecture, though I use the term loosely. Ancient moss covered brick, crumbling cement, and tin all blended together in no apparent pattern and then covered from top to bottom in advertisements.

Themal Square

Themal Square

We spent about two hours walking through the crowded streets, looking at various goods, though neither of us wanted to buy anything at this point. The prospect of more stuff to carry around for the next 22 days was not appealing.

In the end, I found Themal to be vibrant and full of energy though at times overwhelming to all my senses.

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