On The Way to Chitwan

Nepal Countryside

Day Two started with an early morning bus ride to Chitwan. We assumed the ride would be long and uncomfortable but we got a bit more than expected.

It was a refreshing change to leave the city behind and head into the jungle. The countryside is beautiful, lush, green, and dotted with waterfalls. But almost as soon as we started moving the bus would stop. And stay still…for a really long time. The starting and stopping went on for hours. I saw one group of travelers in the bus behind us climb out and head down the road on foot.

Eventually, at about 6 hours into the journey we passed the cause of all the delays. Two buses had crashed into each other, head first. As we drove by we could see how badly damaged each one was. A crowd of people had formed at the side of the street to watch. As far as I could tell no one was hurt.

Bus Crash in Nepal

Bus Crash in Nepal

Once we moved pass the crash, we moved along quickly and got to our hotel. 9.5 hours after we started this morning. We were lucky to be on one of the “Tourist” busses which had reasonable accommodations, by which I mean we had seats. Others were crammed into buses, spilling out onto rooftops, and dangerously hanging onto the sides.

The road was dusty, the day was hot and there was no air conditioning on the bus. We eventually settled into an almost trance like state and managed to get through it, sharing headphones and half sleeping. But the heat really got to Katie and the hunger eventually got to both of us.

Gladly settled in Chitwan now, we look forward to a few days bus free! Lesson learned today, as if we needed proof, these roads are dangerous!!

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