Exploring Pokhara & Pokhara Nightlife

View of Pokhara

Our plan this morning was to make the hike up to the World Peace Pagoda but when chatting with our waiter at breakfast we learned that recent landslides have closed that trail. So Plan B was to rent a rowboat and paddle leisurely around the lake that borders Pokhara. It was cool in the morning and very pleasant. We could see the para-gliders dotting the sky from our spot in the center of the lake. Like brightly colored birds flying in erratic patterns. Occasionally they would get close enough to the lake that we could hear their yells of terror and delight.

Lake Phewa is one of the crown jewel’s of Pokhara, doing its very best to compete with the majestic mountain views. All along the shore are lively bars & restaurants to sit down and enjoy a meal with a waterside view. In the center of the lake rests Tal Barahi Temple. Its one of the most important religious monuments in Pokhara, dedicated to the boar Manifestation of Ajima who represents the female force, Shakti. It was a very busy day at the temple as we passed by, with a line of boats waiting to dock on all sides.

We spent sometime exploring the shopping areas of Pokhara and were delighted to find a bookstore with a good collection of cheap maps. Katie and I both bought several. Who can resist maps?

In the evening we headed to The Busy Bee cafe, which had been recommended to us, for live music and some drinking. The pizza was delicious, though we had to wait 45 minutes to get it. And the band was really good, singing a mix of popular American, Indian, and Chinese music. We met a few new friends who live in Pokhara and shared a Hooka with them as we watched the band.

Pokhara is very different from the busy polluted streets of Kathmandu and the hot, exotic feeling of the jungle. It has that laid back, relaxed feel that lakeside towns across the world seem to share. All around Trekkers are preparing to head off into the mountains and it is also a popular vacation spot for the citizens of Nepal. I have enjoyed exploring it.

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