I am Sick

Nepal Pharmacy

I am sick 🙁 This is a picture of Katie discussing drugs for me with a Nepali Pharmacist. Traveling with a nurse is handy! The good news is that in her expert medical opinion, it’s not Ebola so I’ll likely survive.

To make the night even more interesting, after returning home from our food and medicine excursion, I got locked in the bathroom of our guesthouse. These brave men are trying to get me out, while Katie took pictures and laughed a bit. Eventually they just broke down the door by kicking it in. Which was scary from the other side!

Stuck in the Bathroom

Stuck in the Bathroom, these men are trying to break me out.

It will be a fun story to tell someday I am sure. In the meantime, I’m tucked in bed now and medicated. More updates when I am feeling better.

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