The Nepal Earthquake

Morning at Sarangkot

I’ve struggled over the past few days with whether or not I should say something about the Nepal Earthquake. And once I decided to share my thoughts, it took me a while to sort through the emotion, to make them coherent.

Terrible things happen all over the world all the time and I’ll admit that in the past I have viewed them with a certain distant horror. I have donated some money and put it out of my mind. This time though, its personal for me. Six months ago I was in Nepal. I was with these amazing, generous people who have now lost loved ones. I walked through the historic and irreplaceable temples that are now rubble. I climbed to the base camps that are now buried under snow from avalanches. So this disaster feels very real to me and wont be something I am able to just put from my mind.

I’ve been watching the news, Facebook feeds, and reading articles for the past few days. Eager for news and dreading it at the same time. I’ve been looking through my photos and posts from that time, reliving the memories and comparing them to the devastation I see now.

Its hard to talk about or even think about recovery now. It’s not over. Aftershocks are still occurring, which are making things difficult for the aid workers. So many people are still missing. Nepal is only at the very beginning of a long road, but they are gearing up. I know first hand the resilient spirit and strong character of the people of Nepal.

That is all a very long way of saying my thoughts are with Nepal. I am so grateful to know that the friends I have living in Nepal have checked in and are safe. And I am more grateful than ever for the experiences I had last year in Nepal.

I am doing what I can do to help and I hope to be back in Nepal soon to offer assistance in person. If you would like to help also there are many legitimate aid agencies providing assistance to Nepal. The Red Cross has begun relief efforts and are accepting donations here.

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