Florida National Parks Trip – Planning Complete!

I finalized the last details for my Florida trip today. Yay! Which is actually the last of the twelve trips for my big year’s achievement. I have mixed feelings about this goal ending. But for now, I’m going to focus on the trip!

This one will be a packed three days of National Park hopping. I am a little concerned that I am trying to jam to much into one weekend, but I figure plan for alot and then I can scale back if I need to. This trip will include alot of driving around followed by alot of sitting. Which was rough when I did it in New Mexico, but I am blindly optimistic that it will be ok this time around.

Google Calendar is my Number 1 most valuable resource for travel planning. I couldn’t get by without it. Here is a preview of what my weekend will look like:

The Main Events:

This trip clearly has a theme of boats and water. I love both boats and water, so that works for me.

Restaurants to Try:

I try to generate a list of vegetarian restaurants in the area before I leave for each trip. This prevents me from getting stuck in an area with nothing to eat, or having to scramble at the last minute to find something. These are the restaurants I am looking to try, in some combination or another.

Key Largo Area:

Homestead Area:


What do you think? Anyone who has been to the area have restaurant or activity tips?

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