El Camino – Day (s) 0- Getting There

They say the hardest part of any journey is getting started. Based on my Camino experience so far, that statement seems to be true. I left LA about 48 hours ago but it now seems like I’ve just been living in airports for all of eternity. I vaguely remember what it’s like to sleep in a bed, but it’s a hazy fevered dream sort of rememberance. 

Our very first flight out of LAX was delayed so we had to hang out at the airport for a bit. That was only an hour or so and was managble, but the flight itself was a red-eye which lived up to the name. 

I started feeling sick at LAX and was so worried about catching a cold. I bought NyQuil at one of the airport shops and as soon as we were on the plane I took the pills and passed out. I slept but it wasn’t a good sleep so when we got to Boston this morning I was feeling pretty bad. We had a full day layover in Boston where Joanne and I would meet up with the third member of our merry band, Kelly.

I had to spend a few hours passed out in grass at Christopher Columbus park but felt much better after getting some rest. 
Boston is crazy right now because of the Forth of July. Which I never really thought about before but of course it makes sense that this holiday has so much meaning to this city. The park I was laying in slowly filled with people and became a hub. Street performers came, food trucks, booths selling all kinds of stuff, and eventually live music. We had stumbled into Harbor Fest and the 4th celebration without even knowing it! So my passing out on the grass was a good thing after all. We spend the morning watching the activity and then we hopped on one of the city tour buses to see all the sights like Quincy Market and Paul Revere’s house. 

My favorite stop was the USS Constitution, mostly because it was a fun quest hub in Fallout 4. I did really enjoy the time spent in Boston and I think we made the best of our layover. But as the next flight approached we were all feeling the fatigue of the journey. 

In spite of being a major city, the international terminal at Boston Logan Airport is awful. Food options were slim so we had to accept junk food and the battle to find working power outlets was  bloody, though ultimately successfully. 

Our next flight took us to London and was  mostly uneventful however we barely made our connecting flight due to customs nonsense. We ended up running to the terminal (which is tons of fun with a 26 pound pack, I swear!) so we didn’t get food putting is at 18 hours without sleep and 8 without food.  

Joanne and Kelly haven’t tried to stab me (or each other) yet but Joanne was definitely making a face at me. 

After boarding the London flight (just in time!) we pulled away from the gate and the pilot announced that we would be delayed on the tarmac for an hour. I was defiantly getting looks from Joanne at this point. 

The original plan had us landing in Madrid with a few hours to relax before catching our train. But well, nope. We barely had time to grab Euros and jump in a taxi to make our train. With a luxurious 30 minutes to spare at the train station we grabbed Pizza and French fries. Not the most spectacular option for our first meal in Spain but it had been 11 hours since our last food of any sort so desperation set in.  For those counting along, this also made 21 hours with no sleep and still zero stabings.  

After close to 48 hours of airports, planes, trains, subways, and taxis we are finally at our starting location. 

So this is really a story of just barely making it on time to everything. Which actually means we’ve been pretty lucky if you look at it from the right angle.  

Tonight we are looking forward to wine, showers, and rest in Burgos. And tomorrow morning we start walking!

**Forgive the typos and lack of photos. I’m typing this on my phone with some shady wifi. You get what you get**

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  1. no question, this will be epic when it comes to tale telling…best of luck ladies!

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