El Camino – Day 2 – Hornillos to Castrojeriz 

Today was a hard day. But one with many lessons learned. I’m going to share them with you so you will know them too!

Lessons Learned

1. Find your people and stick with them
○ So far there seem to be two groups of Pilgrims on the Camino. The Young and Drunk on one end. And the Old and Tired on the other. We seem to fall into the second group. Which is a hit to my personal self image but one I am willing to live with. The young and drunk are obnoxious.

2. Sleeping with 12 people is not as fun as it sounds
○ When you are sleeping in a room with 12 other people, as soon as the first person wakes up, everyone is awake. Especially if that person sets an very loud alarm and the hits snooze a couple of times.

3. On the Camino, big (or even medium) cities are bad. Small ones are great
○ The town of 70 last night had everything we needed, including great food and all in a compact space. The town of 700 tonight has nothing.

4. Don’t walk extra miles/kilometers
○ We walked 20km today. Then decided to walk an extra 5km to try to find an ATM and food. That was bad. That hurt.

5. Don’t judge food by the picture.
○ Our hostel tonight is lovely. But the only food available looked to be microwave frozen Pizza. We thought that wasn’t good enough so we walked 5km and found no other options. In the end we ended up eating the pizza which was delicious and not microwaved.

6. Walking on pavement is better than walking on loose gravel roads.
○ Flat payment is my favorite sight to see on the Camino.

7. Joanne walks faster when she is hungry and/or tired.
○ I am the opposite of Joanne.

8. Don’t believe everything you read or see in a guidebook.
○ If it says the terrain is flat, it’s not true. There are hills.
○ They forgot to mention the bugs.
Overall today was hard on my feet but even with taking lots of extra breaks we walked more in the same amount of time as yesterday. I’m sore and complaining but I knew the first week would be rough. We will continue on and I am greatly looking forward to week two when I become a hardened trail warrior.

The Stats

20 Total Kilometers (plus an extra 5km later)
12.43 Total Miles (plus an extra 3miles later)
5.5 Total Hours of Walking (not including a 1 hour lunch break. )
Started The Day At 6:23am
Done for The Day at 1:00pm
29,663 Steps According to FitBit
48.90 Euros Spent Today

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