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There are many sites out there that talk about leaving your 9-5 behind to travel the world and how to do it. And while that is awesome, and I truly hope to get there someday, for the moment I am tied to my 9-5. But I don’t believe that means I have to give up on travel and adventure. I find ways everyday to do something new, see something different, and explore the planet.
Because I am a person who very much likes Achievements I have set a measurable goal for myself to make sure I am achieving that aim. For one year, starting May 2015, I will go on at least one trip every month. A trip will be defined as at least two nights, away from my house and home city. These trips will have to be within specific budget constraints and will have to abide by the boundaries of my specific work vacation time. Bottom line, I am not a millionaire and I will not be taking a year off work to travel, I have to do these monthly trips without bankrupting myself or disrupting my work life.
This site chronicles my success & struggles in that venture. Through the sharing of it, I hope that some of you will be inspired and join me in blending some travel into the normal daily routine. Create your own Wanderland!

Who am I?

Baby Elephant Cuddles

Baby Elephant Cuddles

My name is Rebecca, I currently reside in Southern California. I have an established career at a fairly well known company and that’s pretty good. But I also have a restless nature and a deep wanderlust. My first major travel experience, the one that satisfied my wanderlust and sent me seeking more, was at 16. I was a foreign exchange student in Argentina and the experience still remains one of the best of my life. I spent over a year there and have never been the same. Our world is an exciting, beautiful place and I want to be in it. I want to see it all.

 To see more of where I have been, take a look at my Travel Achievements page.
In addition to Travel & Adventure, I love: books, cigars, Disneyland, video games, tequila, Alice in Wonderland, Archaeology and junk food.
Also, even though it seems the standard thing to do, I don’t like to refer to myself in the third person as if I am not the one writing this, so I wont be doing that.

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