The Nepal Earthquake

Morning at Sarangkot

I’ve struggled over the past few days with whether or not I should say something about the Nepal Earthquake. And once I decided to share my thoughts, it took me a while to sort through the emotion, to make them… Continue Reading

Paragliding – Dancing with the Clouds in Pokhara

Paragliding over Pokhara

Paragliding is incredible. I can’t say enough how really really cool it is. I’m sure it’s hard work for the pilot, but as a passenger it felt like floating gently in the sky, the whole world spread below you and… Continue Reading

Bhaktapur, Nepal – The Medieval City

Vatsala Durga Temple in Bhaktapur

Long ago in the Kingdom of Nepal, there was a King with three strong sons. They each wanted to be King themselves, so to avoid squabbling, the wise King divided his kingdom in three and gave a piece to each… Continue Reading

Bodhnath Stupa – Kathmandu Nepal

Boudha Stupa

Bodhnath Stupa was one of the main things I had wanted to see in Kathmandu. It’s very well known, in fact it’s on the cover of my Nepal guidebook! The largest stupa in Asia and one of the largest in the… Continue Reading

I am Sick

Nepal Pharmacy

I am sick 🙁 This is a picture of Katie discussing drugs for me with a Nepali Pharmacist. Traveling with a nurse is handy! The good news is that in her expert medical opinion, it’s not Ebola so I’ll likely… Continue Reading

The Sarangi Music Lesson – A Bard’s Tale

Learning Sarangi with Samber

I met Samber while we were eating lunch one afternoon. He was walking by and playing a strange instrument. When he noticed my interest he came over to sell me one and then offered to give me a lesson. The… Continue Reading

World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda

Originally built in 1973, with the hope of promoting World Peace and sharing knowledge, the Pagoda was actually shut down in 1974. Tensions from the neighboring Hindu temple cause the government to close it. Not very peaceful at all! However,… Continue Reading

We are ok!

Thanks to all those that were concerned and checking on us! We are safe and ok. We had already made it back to the City when the storm and avalanche hit so the worst we got is rain. News here… Continue Reading

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Trekking through a mountain village

These days I have come to think of in my mind as the days of the “never-ending stone staircase of pain and torment”. This is not a gentle slope into the mountains but rather a steep climb up and up… Continue Reading

Day 5 Trekking – Annapurna Base Camp!

Annapurna Base Camp

We made it! Or rather I should say, I made it, because there was no doubt that Katie would. We had to get up and start trekking at 4am today to see the sunrise from base camp. Trekking the final… Continue Reading