Hinduism, Buddhism, Tourism: Part 3 Buddhism

Jangchub Choeling Monastery

The Jangchub Choeling Monastery sits in the middle of a Tibetan refugee camp, called Tashi Palkhel. The camp itself looks similar to the rest of Pokhara though it has some aggressive vendors selling Tibetan handcrafts. The Monastery is simple in architecture… Continue Reading

Hinduism, Buddhism, Tourism: Part 2 Hinduism

Bindhya Basini Temple

We had already seen several Hindu temples in Kathmandu, and now set out to see what Pokhara could offer. What Pokhara could offer is the Bindhya Basini temple. Which is actually a small hill with great views of the city… Continue Reading

Hinduism, Buddhism, Tourism: Part 1 Tourism

Recieving a Blessing at Seti

A Nepali man I spoke to one night in the jungle told me “We have three main religions in Nepal; Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tourism.” That statement has proven to be true from what I have witnessed here and we indulged… Continue Reading

Exploring Pokhara & Pokhara Nightlife

View of Pokhara

Our plan this morning was to make the hike up to the World Peace Pagoda but when chatting with our waiter at breakfast we learned that recent landslides have closed that trail. So Plan B was to rent a rowboat… Continue Reading

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephants! It’s going to be hard to put this experience into words because it was overwhelming and awe inspiring. Ok, so I found at least two words. I got to touch, cuddle, and play with a baby elephant! She… Continue Reading

Elephant Baths and Safari

Elephant Bathing

The Elephants were one of the events of this trip I was most looking forward too. And I had a lot of Elephant interaction today! First up was Elephant Bathing time. I put on a life vest (which smelled terrible)… Continue Reading

The Jungle Hike (aka Leech Walk)

Jungle Walk

The canoe dropped us off on a muddy River bank deeper inside the jungle with the idea that we would be able to walk through and spot more wildlife. It’s been raining since we have been here, and that rain… Continue Reading

Rapti River Canoe Adventure

Rapti River Canoe

For the chance to see some of the wildlife that calls Chitwan home, we took a canoe trip down the Rapti River. The canoe was hand made locally, carved from the trunk of one single Sal tree. It was flat… Continue Reading

On The Way to Chitwan

Nepal Countryside

Day Two started with an early morning bus ride to Chitwan. We assumed the ride would be long and uncomfortable but we got a bit more than expected. It was a refreshing change to leave the city behind and head… Continue Reading

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Rooftops of Durbar Square

At the end of our walk through Themal we came to Durbar Square. Durbar means “Palace” and this square is the place the former Kings of Nepal would rule from. The last King of Nepal was removed from power about… Continue Reading