El Camino Gear List

It’s the last few days before my trip to Spain and in this past week I have rewritten my El Camino Gear List 5 times. The process generally goes like this: Pack everything up Weight it Realize it weights way… Continue Reading

That Time I Met Star Trek Idols & Helped Reading Rainbow

The Captains Reading Rainbow Event

I’m sharing today a non-travel story, but one that was an adventure none the less. There were two television shows really significant in my childhood (well probably closer to 4, but only two are relevant for this post.) Both of… Continue Reading

Achievement Complete! What does that mean and what’s next?

A year ago I gave myself a goal (goals by the way are in my mind are classified as Achievements). I was feeling restless. I get that way. I don’t like to be in the same place for too long.… Continue Reading

Scotland Part 2: Capital Cities, Loch Ness & Tea Time!

View of Edinburgh

My time in Scotland was spent divided between two major cities. The Capitals of Scotland really.¬†Edinburgh is the official capital of Scotland, and Inverness is known as the Highland capital of Scotland. They were different, and similar, and I think… Continue Reading

Disney’s California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

California Food and Wine Festival

The Food and Wine Festival only occasional comes to Disneyland. It made an appearance a few years ago and then disappeared for a while. But it was back this year with a few new events to explore. If you are… Continue Reading

Scotland Part 1: Three Castles & A Palace

Castle Urquhart

Scotland has been on my list for a long time. It’s a country of great history, romance, and allure. And yes, I love Jamie from Outlander and therefore believe that Scotland must be a land full of Jamies’. While I… Continue Reading

Florida National Parks Trip – Planning Complete!

I finalized the last details for my Florida trip today. Yay! Which is actually the last of the twelve trips for my big year’s achievement. I have mixed feelings about this goal ending. But for now, I’m going to focus… Continue Reading

New Mexico – Balloons & Caves & Sand. Oh my!

International Balloon Fiesta

New Mexico surprised me, in the best possible way. I’ll admit, my expectations were low coming in, but there were so many interesting things to see and do. This state has rocketed into¬†my Top 5 Favorite US States and I’m… Continue Reading

Forest Glen Guard Station – A Chilly Woodland Weekend

My November trip fell over the Thanksgiving weekend. In the spirit of that holiday I decided that this trip should be about spending time with friends. Which I translate to locking them all up with me in an isolated cabin… Continue Reading

Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast: The Time I Became A Skipper

Jungle Cruise Breakfast

It’s been well established that I am a fan of Adventure and Disneyland. So when presented with an opportunity for a special adventure themed behind-the-scenes breakfast at Walt’s Park, I jumped on the chance. The hefty price tag was not… Continue Reading