Forest Glen Guard Station – A Chilly Woodland Weekend

My November trip fell over the Thanksgiving weekend. In the spirit of that holiday I decided that this trip should be about spending time with friends. Which I translate to locking them all up with me in an isolated cabin… Continue Reading

Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast: The Time I Became A Skipper

Jungle Cruise Breakfast

It’s been well established that I am a fan of Adventure and Disneyland. So when presented with an opportunity for a special adventure themed behind-the-scenes breakfast at Walt’s Park, I jumped on the chance. The hefty price tag was not… Continue Reading

Salton City: A Seaside Wasteland Adventure

Greetings from Salton Sea!

Welcome to Salton City & the Salton Sea! California’s Premier Seaside¬†Wasteland You’ll enjoy spending a relaxing day on the beach. Fun Fact: The sand here is made up of millions of crushed fish bones. The brisk sea breeze will carry… Continue Reading

Yosemite Adventures: That Time I Survived the Wilderness

Yosemite National Park

I laid there for a moment, gazing up at the perfect baby blue patch of sky lined on all sides with the dark green of pine trees. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool. This is a remote… Continue Reading

Adventures in Kayaking

Learning to Kayak

I am covered in salt dust. That fine white powder that covers your clothes and visible skin after any length of time spent in salt water. The salt left behind once the water evaporates and you are dry. I’m ridiculously… Continue Reading