Yosemite Adventures: That Time I Survived the Wilderness

Yosemite National Park

I laid there for a moment, gazing up at the perfect baby blue patch of sky lined on all sides with the dark green of pine trees. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool. This is a remote… Continue Reading

I am Sick

Nepal Pharmacy

I am sick 🙁 This is a picture of Katie discussing drugs for me with a Nepali Pharmacist. Traveling with a nurse is handy! The good news is that in her expert medical opinion, it’s not Ebola so I’ll likely… Continue Reading

On The Way to Chitwan

Nepal Countryside

Day Two started with an early morning bus ride to Chitwan. We assumed the ride would be long and uncomfortable but we got a bit more than expected. It was a refreshing change to leave the city behind and head… Continue Reading

Passport Office Victory!

Passport Success

Success! A freshly minted, hot off the presses passport for Katie. About a 5 hour turn around time for a new passport, which is actually pretty amazing. I was surprised at how smoothly the process went. I had horrible visions… Continue Reading

False Start

Passport office selfie

Often travel involves unexpected detours… the plan was to be in a plane somewhere over China at this moment. Instead I am in my living room, drinking Starbucks. Detours. We arrived at the airport, walked up to the desk to… Continue Reading