Salton City: A Seaside Wasteland Adventure

Greetings from Salton Sea!

Welcome to Salton City & the Salton Sea! California’s Premier Seaside Wasteland You’ll enjoy spending a relaxing day on the beach. Fun Fact: The sand here is made up of millions of crushed fish bones. The brisk sea breeze will carry… Continue Reading

Bhaktapur, Nepal – The Medieval City

Vatsala Durga Temple in Bhaktapur

Long ago in the Kingdom of Nepal, there was a King with three strong sons. They each wanted to be King themselves, so to avoid squabbling, the wise King divided his kingdom in three and gave a piece to each… Continue Reading

Exploring Pokhara & Pokhara Nightlife

View of Pokhara

Our plan this morning was to make the hike up to the World Peace Pagoda but when chatting with our waiter at breakfast we learned that recent landslides have closed that trail. So Plan B was to rent a rowboat… Continue Reading

Themal Square

Themal Square at Dusk

The main tourist marketplace for this area, Themal Square. Conveniently located a few blocks from our hostel. It’s narrow streets are packed with cars, motor bikes, and people all pushing their way to whatever destination calls them. There are no… Continue Reading